Our goal

   For Everyone who opens our doors, the essence of our work will always remain the same – helping Children:

  • Children, who lost their parents;

  • Children, that are seriously ill;

  • Children, who live in families with low income;

  • Children who want to study and succeed, but whose families cannot afford it;

  • And all these Children, whose families need help and support of Our Society.


   For all Children that are part of our big Family. Because all of them come to earth as angels given to us by haven.

   Helping these Angels is not easy, It is not just supporting them, but giving them a chance and hope for a better future. Better future for all of us and our Society.


   We are a small group of enthusiasts, who united under the non-profit project "Save Children’s Future".

   We set our goal to change lives and future of all the children in need, and in need of change for the better.

   We’ve developed several specific programs that will work for the benefit of these children:

Adoption Assistance;

Fundraising for Children with Illnesses;

Donating Goods & Services;

Benefit Programs Assistance.


   We need your help, each of you, and only together we will be able change the lives of all these children for the better.


Save them, for their future, and future of our world!

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