Adoption Assistance

     From the moment you think about adopting a child, you have already made a life-changing decision. And not just for you.

    No matter what reasons you have to want to adopt; no matter what age, what race, or what religion; you are on the road to giving a child a better life. A life that can grow in a safe and stable environment,

and most importantly, by being nurtured and loved.

We are here to assist you on your journey.

   As our organization is not a registered adoption agency, our goal is to help you make clear and informed decisions. For instance, we will:

  • Provide detailed information about both domestic and international adoption.

  • Discuss adoption programs for you, the potential adoptive parents.

  • Advise about the subsidy programs available for potential adoptive parents.

  • Aid with choosing the right adoption agency, and assistance in choosing an attorney who will

  • orchestrate the entire adoption process for you.

  • If you are thinking about adopting a child outside of the United States, we can advise and provide practical assistance in which countries you may be accepted as a prospective adoptive parent.

  • Provide help in the process of adapting parent and child after a successful adoption takes place.


   To become foster parents, you need to explore a world that may seem very difficult for you, but we are here to join you and your child through this journey. For any further inquiries related to child adoption, please feel free to contact us; we would be glad to assist you and advise you with any questions or concerns you may have.


Fundraising for Children with Illnesses

For all those whose children need urgent medical help, we are here.

   The United States is a great country, but unfortunately, the availability of top medical care in the US leaves much to be desired. If your child is seriously ill and you need immediate assistance with finding a competent physician as well as high-tech treatments, we are here to aid you.

We can help with:


  • Providing the right insurance coverage for you and your child.

  • A situation where you and your child are already enrolled in a medical insurance plan, but are urgently seeking medical treatments that can save your child’s life.

  • A situation where your medical insurance plan only covers part of this urgent care, but you are still faced with large financial bills.

  • If the necessary medical treatment cannot be obtained in the United States but possibly in a different country, and your coverage is not accepted. 

We are here to connect you with a charitable non-profit organization that can help your child.


     If you are seeking help with your difficult situation, contacting us will allow you to properly discuss all the important details with you and launch a charity campaign to raise funds for your child’s treatment. We will constantly monitor and communicate on your behalf with every participant who is willing to provide and help you and your child to live a happy and healthy life. 

     So please, if your child is sick and needs urgent help, and you do not have full-fledged financial

capabilities, contact us immediately and we will arrange help for you and your child to the best of our abilities. Together we can save the lives of our children everywhere, one step at a time.


For all those who want to help sick children.

    On this page you can see a short list of children whose families are asking for help. You can also click on the name of each individual child to learn about his/her situation and make a donation towards defeating his/her illness.

    We appreciate any help you can offer.  As a community, we can save many innocent lives.


Donating Goods and Services

    At Save Children's Futures we have created our programs to provide the necessary help and high quality services for children and families in our community.

    Our goal is to bring much-needed support to a greater number of needy children and their families. The following list of donations are necessary for the health, safety and dignity of children and their families, and would be especially helpful for children who have been abandoned or whose families cannot afford these supplies.


  • Food

  • Clothing and footwear

  • Toys

  • Training Products

  • Books

  • Computer accessories


     We also provide services that are necessary for abandoned children and children from low-income families:

  • Food assistance from trading companies

  • Assistance with transportation from transport companies


     If you are willing to provide any help for the children and their families, we would greatly appreciate your time and dedication.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Click on the Volunteer tab, and fill out the corresponding online form.


   Our team specialist will then contact you for additional information and provide the necessary steps to complete the process of your application.


Benefit Programs Assistance

     Save Children's Futures has created Benefit Programs Assistance in order to help lonely children and children from low-income families to better understand the social assistance programs provided by the

  • City of New York

  • State of New York

  • Federal Government of the United States

    The programs are about the importance of immigration status of each child or family, since for some children or children from low-income families, a number of social assistance programs are unavailable due to their immigration status (these are the rules of each specific social program). However, for us at Save Children's Futures, your immigration status does not matter - we will be very happy to help every child or family with no income, so do not hesitate to contact us. 

   We can help you choose the right program for you and your child, including:

  • National School Breakfast and Lunch Program for New York

  • New York Child Health Plus (CHIP)

  • New York Head Start

  • New York Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

  • New York Medicaid

  • New York Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

  • New York State Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

  • New York Temporary Assistance

  • New York Weatherization Assistance Program

  • Special Milk Program for New York

  • Summer Food Service Program for New York


   The social assistance programs listed above are some of the most reliable and useful programs in New York State. This list does not contain all of the program names, but by contacting our team we would be able to provide more information about each individual program. 

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