There is no doubt that children are paramount to our society. It is they who will build and shape the future, not only for us, but for themselves and for future generations. Thus, we should do our best to give children in need a hope for a bright future, and treat them as our own.

     At Save Children’s Futures, we believe that each child deserves the opportunity to succeed, no matter their financial, social, racial, or religious background. But even here in the United States of America, a powerful country deemed the ‘land of opportunity,’ the economy and society still presents a limitation to our ideal.

     Sadly, there are many children who face difficulties in their everyday lives. We try to address four main problems:

  • There are children who do not have parental figures to guide and nurture them throughout life. There are children who have parents, but their lives are filled with emotional turmoil and instability. We aim to provide prospective parents with the information and resources necessary for them to give these children a better home, a home filled with love and acceptance.

  • There are children who are seriously ill, and lack proper medical treatment. We try to help their families afford the medical care they need to stay alive.

  • There are children whose families cannot afford to provide them with basic necessities such as food or clothing. We collect donations in the form of non-perishable goods, clothing, and toys.

  • There are children whose families have recently moved or immigrated to the United States and are ill-informed about the existing programs that are designed to aid and support them as they adjust to their new lives. We help them by providing this information in a clear and concise manner.

       With Save Children’s Futures, you can help underprivileged children in a number of ways:

  • Volunteer your time and effort

  • Donate basic necessities such as food, clothes, books and toys

  • Provide financial support in the form of a donation

  • Consider becoming an adoptive parent. If you are willing to make this commitment and intend to move forward with the adoption process, you may contact us for details and useful information on how to proceed.

Together we will be able to change children’s lives for the better!



     Our organization was formed in 2018 when we, as four like-minded friends, expressed the desire to give back to the society which has granted us so much opportunity. We concluded that there is no better way to do so than by helping future generations.


     Previously, we each had only partaken in individual efforts to help children. Here are our stories.


Rebecca Chan, President


    For many years, even as she was a child herself, Rebecca Chan spent a lot of time volunteering and teaching children in schools, and has worked as both a private tutor and an instructor for a tutoring center, teaching elementary school level math, science, and reading. She has also worked at another non-profit organization - the Haym Solomon Creative Arts Division at FEGS Health and Human Services, to help organize events and art therapy classes for those with mental disabilities. 

Evgenii Kogan, Co-Founder


   Evgenii Kogan completed multiple degrees at the Astrakhan State Technical University, specializing in Wireless Communications Engineer and Business Management of Large Enterprises.  While attending school in Astrakhan, Russia, Evgenii worked as a volunteer to help children in orphanages until 2009, when he moved to Moscow. For the next few years, Evgenii continued to devote his time to care for children by donating basic necessities such as food, clothing and toys. He also provided financial assistance, and has been recognized for his work in a non-profit organization.

Ilhom Huseynov, Co-Founder

     Ilhom Huseynov is a Civil Engineer who received his Master’s degree from Tajikistan in 2006, followed by a Master’s degree of Science, with a concentration in Economics. He has over ten years of experience, and is knowledgeable in economics and business.

    During the summer of 2007, Ilhom volunteered for the LONA Foundation in Dushanbe, Tajikistan to help raise funds to treat children afflicted with various forms of cancer. That was the beginning of his desire to help children. With his optimism for the future and his genuine love of children, he has spent countless hours working and volunteering his time in hospitals and in neighborhoods where children were in need.  He has gladly donated his time providing what physical and financial support he could to help underprivileged children.

Andrii Vysotskyi, Co-Founder

   Andrii Vysotskyi completed his degree in Programming at the Chervonograd Mining-Economic College in  Chervonograd, Ukraine. After relocating to Rzeszow, Poland, Andrii attended the University of Information Technologies and Management, where he received his degree in Information and Communications Technology. While at university, Andrii volunteered for a small charity that donated food, toys, and other goods to help Polish children from low-income families.





























     Evgenii was born in Astrakhan, Russia where he completed his studies at the Astrakhan State Technical University and completed degrees in Wireless Communications and Business Management. With over 15 years in commercial experience, Evgenii is responsible for the financial aspects of our foundation, organizing meetings, pioneering brand development, and overall program management.



+1 (929) 265-0003

Co-Founder, Treasurer

Evgenii Kogan


     Ilhom was born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, where he received two Master’s degrees, one in Construction and Civil Engineering and the second in Economics. As the administrative assistant at Save Children’s Futures, Ilhom handles the legal affairs and is responsible for managing opportunities, educational activities and fun events for families and children.



+1 (347) 699-7075

Co-Founder, Secretary

Ilhom Huseynov


     Andrii was born in Chervonograd, Ukraine. In 2011, he completed his degree in Programming at the Chervonograd Mining-Economic College. He then moved to Rzeszow, Poland where he attended the University of Information Technologies and Management and completed his degree in Information and Communications Technology. Andrii plays a vital role in our organization, as he is in charge of all IT operations, network and information security, and other cyber-related tasks.



+1 (567) 400-0110

Co-Founder, IT Director

Andrii Vysotskyi


Legal Information

     Our organization was officially established in early 2018.  We are in the process of obtaining our first Financial Report (990s) and our Annual Report for 2018. This information will appear on our website after the first quarter of 2019.

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